Let's go to skiing and snowboarding in Hokkaido!
- Actual skiing in Hokkaido's ski area, course commentary, access method -

Evaluation of each item 5 points perfect. (Bad)0-1-2-3-4-5(Exerent)

Evaluation item:

1 Access ... Evaluation on access from cities such as airport and Sapporo (presence of toilet break).

2 Scale ... Size of ski resort.

3 Transport ... Evaluation as to whether there is transportation capacity for the number of visitors at the ski resort.

4 Snowboarding suitability ... Does snowboarding slip easily. (if there is a climbing slope on the slope, the evaluation will be lower.)

5 Meal ... Evaluation as to whether the meal at the ski resort is delicious or reasonable.

6 Resort hotel ... Adjacent to ski resort Resort hotel rating.

7 Price ... Evaluation of tour prices from Tokyo.

8 Fair weather ... weather has a good probability. (I

9 Overall evaluation ... It is also my recommendation level.